Thermal Corp's Newest High Watt Density Nozzle Heater - HotNoz

nozzle band heater

Thermal Corp’s Newest High Watt Density Nozzle Heater – HotNoz

HotNoz™ Nozzle Band Heater


HotNoz is a new generation long-life, high watt density nozzle band heater from Thermal Corporation.  Laboratory tests that cycled the heaters form 400F to 900F revealed that the HotNoz lasted  over 76,000 cycles, while the best unit of the same size and electrical specs from four major competitors lasted only 4,700 cycles.  Other tests revealed that HotNoz units can supply over 100 watts per square inch with reasonable lifetime.  The units are made entirely in the USA.  List price of a stock unit 1-1/2” dia. by 1-1/2” wide with 10” leads is $9.90.   Phone 1-800-633-2962.


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