New APRS system with Nirdosh Reddy


New APRS system with Nirdosh Reddy

Anaar is a consulting company dedicated to helping company’s  improve organization’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Thermal has worked with Nirdosh and his Anaar system years ago and really showed excellent and immediate results that accomplished the gift of receiving the 1992 US Senate Productivity and Quality Award. We also received the Continuing Excellence reward in 1995. This resulted in soaring profits for us for about 10 years. But as time goes, and new people were hired, change in management, our commitment to the Anaar method fell by the wayside.

During our work with Nirdosh in the 1990’s, We have found that this kind of commitment and positive change requires a change in underlying attitudes and systems we were using at that time.  We used the Anaar Roadmap to guide  us through that transformation.

We contacted Nirdosh Reddy recently to help us again and he has a New system: APRS, that is process driven, and collects information in one place utilizing the web to store our processes, projects, business planning etc, so we can all access this work easily, project manage, and see our progress. We are in the process of re-establishing the Anaar method along with his New APRS system.

Nirdosh is easy to work with and comes with a long list of clients across the globe that utilize him to make their businesses more efficient, and teamwork a major focus.  Please visit his website at

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